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MAGACOIN was created by America First Conservatives out of frustration with “Losing the Election” and a desire to fight back by supporting MAGA candidates in 2022 and beyond.

Approxiamtely 75 million MAGACOINS were created to represent the 75 million voters who were disenfranchised on November 3rd, 2020.

Unlike most new coin releases, MAGACOIN will not hold an ICO (Initial Coin Offering), instead we will be giving away 100 coins to each new registrant in order to build a robust MAGACOIN ecosystem that will work together to gain access to the crypto exchanges and support the MAGA movement.


10 Million MAGACOINS have been donated to the MAGACOIN Victory Fund, a SuperPAC created to support MAGA candidates across the country who will fight for individual rights, religious liberty, protecting the unborn, the 2nd amendment, freedom of speech and the entire America First Agenda.

As MAGACOIN is accepted by crypto exchanges and the value of the SuperPAC's coin holdings increase, these coins will be traded for U.S. Currency and independent expenditures will be made to support MAGA candidates.

The greater the value of each MAGACOIN, the more resources the MAGACOIN Victory Fund will have to support and elect MAGA candidates nationwide.


Algorithm: Scrypt Proof of Work
Total Coins; 74,500,000
Minable: Yes
Minable Coins: 50,500,000
Block Reward: 120 coins
Block Halving: 210000 Block
RPC Port: 32855
P2P Port: 32856
Coinbase Maturity: 20 blocks +1 confirmation
Target Timespan: 10 minutes
Target Spacing: 5 minutes
Transaction Confirmations: 6 blocks +1 confirmation


Please choose the wallet you would like to use.

If you’re a beginner and looking for a simple way to store your MAGACOIN we’d recommend using our Off Chain Wallet which stores your coin on our server.

  If you’re more experienced with cryptocurrency you can also store your MAGACOIN by downloading our On Chain Wallet.



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